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Commissioned for the South African Sports History Conference. Curated artifacts and new artworks.

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2018 |Museum of Unknown Boxers: Solo show at Stellenbosch University Museum

Download the exhibition catalogue (image)

2015|Boxing Ghosts


Interactive Art engaging the District Six Museum

Boxing Archive.

2014 | Night Fighter

Augmented Reality Art

The Black Box Gallery, Cape Town.


Download the conference programme and reviews (image)

Download the exhibition catalogue (image)

2011 | From the Experiences of a South African Boxer in Britain

Cape Town City Hall

2007 | Fever Sleep: Colonial Pillow Series

Worldart, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

2007 | Pillows for Death

Netherlands, Fundament Foundation, Tilburg.

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Download the catalogue entry and reviews (image)

2006 | Spit II

Exhibition of prints from Staff of the Stellenbosch University Art Department.

2010 | Spier Contemporary Art Biennale

South African National Touring Group Exhibition

2017 | Athlone in Mind
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